Happy Hour: MON-THUR 3-5PM - $2 off all appetizers, burgers, & drinks

Food Menus


Chips & Queso

Beef Fajita Nachos

Tortilla chips topped with beef fajita, refried beans, salsa verde crema, pico, & pickled onions

Loaded Waffle Fries

Waffle fries topped with brisket, BBQ sauce, queso, salsa verde cream & pickled onions

BBQ Frito Pie

Fritos topped with pulled pork, queso, beans, BBQ sauce, salsa verde, & pickled onions


Crispy tater tots, ground brisket, beans, queso, pico, salsa verde crema

Smoked Chicken Wings

Order of 6

Baby Back Rib Wings

Order of 4

Cauliflower Wings

Sauces: Buffalo, BBQ, White BBQ, Sweet Chili Sriracha, Lemon Pepper


Brisket Crunchwrap

Chopped brisket, Monterey Jack cheese, corn tostada, lettuce, pico, pickled onions & salsa verde crema layered on a 6" corn tortilla & wrapped in a 12" tortilla

Footlong Corn Dog

Footlong corn dog, fried and topped with lemon pepper seasoning and served with house mustard sauce

Basic B Chicken Tenders

4 crispy chicken strips served with honey mustard dipping sauce + choice of one side

Brisket Burrito

Chopped brisket, beans, fries, cheese, pico, & salsa verde crema wrapped in a large tortilla

Taco Party

One brisket & one pulled pork taco, served on a beef fat tortillas + choice of one side

Pork Crispito Tacos

Two crispito tacos stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, smoked pork, & sofrito on corn tortillas

Pulled Pork Taco

Brisket Taco


Crispy Waffle Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Tater Tots

Fried Cauliflower



Burgers & Sandwiches

+ Choice of One Side

CM Classic Burger

Two quarter pound patties with American cheese, pickles, & dijonaise on a brioche bun

Iron Table Wagyu Burger

BBQ sauce, slaw, & pickles on brioche bunPure blood, Texas raised, iron table wagyu 6oz burger patty with American cheese, Caramelized onions, pickled onions, pickles, lettuce and 1000 island dressing on a brioche bun

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Pure blood, Texas raised, iron table wagyu 1/3 pound burger patty with double Swiss cheese, burnt mushrooms, caramelized onions, pickles, & dijonaise on Texas toast

Brisket Bleu's

Quarter pound patty with brisket jam, chunky bleu cheese dressing, fried onions and jalapeño strings on Texas toast.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

BBQ sauce, slaw, & pickles on a brioche bun

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Cold smoked achiote chicken thigh, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, pico, & ranch on Texas toast

Chopped Beef Sandwich

BBQ sauce & spicy pickle relish on a brioche bun

Brisket Patty Melt

Caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, & chipotle aioli on Texas toast

Buffalo Turkey Sandwich

Smoked, battered, & fried turkey breast, buffalo sauce, lettuce, pickles, & ranch dressing on a brioche bun

Sausage on a Bun

House sausage link, house spicy relish, & whole grain mustard on a sourdough roll

Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

House sausage, peppers, onions, & whole grain mustard on a sourdough roll

Brisket Philly

Chopped brisket, caramelized onions, peppers, American cheese, and dijonaise on a French roll


Fajita Bowl

Cilantro-lime rice, beans, cheddar cheese, choice of protein*, pepper and onion mix, pico de Gallo, pickled onions, lettuce and avocado cream
*beef fajita, chicken fajita, or cauliflower

Turkey Kale Caesar Wrap

Smoked turkey, kale, slaw, parmesan cheese, beef tallow caesar, croutons, & pickled onions. + choice of one side

CM Chopped Salad

Green and red cabbage, kale, radish, cilantro and carrot tossed in a burnt shallot honey mustard vinaigrette topped with pulled pork, bbq sauce and pickled onions


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Classic grilled cheese sandwich on Texas toast with side of waffle fries


Single patty & American cheese on a brioche bun with side of waffle fries
*Vegetarian substitutions available

Brunch Menu


Beef Fat Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast Taco

Choice of brisket or pulled pork with egg, salsa verde, pickled onions, & cheese

Brisket, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Chopped brisket, scrambled eggs, & cheddar cheese on a house-made buttermilk biscuit

Hot Honey Turkey Biscuit

Smoked, battered, & fried turkey served on a buttermilk biscuit with pickles, dijonaise, & house-made hot honey

Pulled Pork Breakfast Sandwich

Pulled pork on a brioche bun with chipotle aioli, crispy cheddar cheese crisp, & overy-easy egg

Hot Chicken & Waffles

Smoked, battered, & fried chicken thighs in Texas hot oil. Served on buttermilk waffle with Whistle Pig maple syrup & whiskey butter

Pulled Pork Waffle

Buttermilk waffle topped with pulled pork, crispy pork, Whistle Pig maple syrup, & whiskey butter

Brunch Burger

Single patty on a brioche bun with cheese, brisket jam, sunny-up egg, dijonaise, & hashbrown. Served with fries

Beef Tallow Brioche Doughnut

*Sundays only. Availability limited.

Lunch Menu


all lunch entrees served with a side of waffle fries

Pulled Pork Sandwich

BBQ sauce, slaw, & pickles on brioche bun

CM Classic Burger

Two quarter pound patties with American cheese, pickles, & dijonaise on a potato bun

Taco Party

One brisket and one pulled pork taco served on Flores beef fat flour tortillas

Pulled Pork Quesadilla

12" tortilla with pulled pork, cheese blend, BBQ sauce, & pickled onions. Served with pico & cream